Join the BBCharts Group

There are actually TWO places to join the group. You must join both to take part in any discussions, or receive posts from the group.


The first is the Yahoo! forum, and the second is the Database here on this site. Please note: YOU MUST USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS FOR BOTH SIGNUPS.


To join the Yahoo! forum, you can visit and click on the "Sign Up" link at the top of the page to establish a Yahoo account. Once you have a Yahoo account, you'll be able to join the group, then when your membership is approved by the moderator, you can receive group postings, and post some messages of your own.


Alternatively, you can just click here:


For yet a THIRD alternative, you can send a blank email here. Al L reports this seems to work better for many of the people he refers to the group.


To join the Database here on this site, click here (or use the menu items MEMBERS > Join the BBCG), read the entire page, and follow the instructions.

About The Group

If you haven't read the home page of the "bigbandcharts group" on Yahoo in the last couple of months, it would be a good idea for you to go read it now. It's here. The page contains some good information to orient you (or reorient you) to the group. You can also research and read any historical posts there, take polls, post photos, see a list of members, and take care of several other things.


The administrator of the group has set it up so members can send files attached to emails to the group, and everyone in the group will receive the file.


However, many people have an email account that restricts the size of email attachments they can receive, so please use a file sharing service if you need to send a file over about 6MB.


As of the date of this writing (February 2012), there are 422 members in the group.

Please click on any of the links at the top of the page for more information on any of the listed topics.