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The Big Band Charts Group is a discussion group online. We conduct our business entirely by email (not here on this website), through a group forum hosted by Yahoo.


Most people who come to this page are already a member of this group; however, if you are not yet a member of this group and wish to join, click here for more information.

Site Purpose:

The reason for this website is to provide a permanent home for common information, for common discussions, and for common questions that arise among group members. This site will also provide an excellent orientation and background for new members.

YES! We Need You To Volunteer!

This site is always a work in progress. If you have a contribution to make to this site, please post your idea to the forum, and one of the site administrators will get back with you about it. 


The chances of your idea being posted here on the site increase exponentially if you will send us a fully-researched and well-written paragraph or article. If you only send us a basic idea, "Hey, you guys ought to ..." and expect someone ELSE to do the real work of researching and writing it for you, then don't be surprised if your idea doesn't appear here for quite a while, if ever.


When you submit something for this website, please tell us if it's okay to use your full name (first and last) here; if not, we'll just attribute the contribution to you using your first name and last initial.


If you would like to be the administrator of one or more pages, let us know. We can use the help. The best way to get in touch with any of the administrators of this site is to post a message on the forum.


This site is the result of efforts of a lot of wonderful characters, er, contributors. We'd love for you to be one of them.


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